About Us


  • to consider and regulate in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Relations Act and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, matters of mutual interest to the Parties to
    the Council;
  • to promote sound employment relationships between employers and employees in the Industry;       
  • to prevent and resolve labour disputes in accordance with the Industry’s Collective Agreements and/or the Constitution of the Bargaining Council;
  • to endeavour to promote and maintain industrial peace in the Industry;
  • to promote centralised bargaining and conclude and enforce Collective Agreements for the Industry;
  • to consider, advise and make representations on any legislation or proposed legislation that may affect the relationship between the Industry’s employers and employees and their representative organisations;
  • to consider and deal with such other matters as may affect the interest of the Parties and the Industry;

  • to  resolve disputes about interpretation, application and enforcement of the Industry’s Collective Agreement (section 24 of the labour relations act);
  • to peform the dispute resolution functions referred to in Section 51 of the Act;
  • to establish and administer a fund to be used for the resolution of Industry disputes;                                 
  • to promote and establish training and education schemes for the Industry;
  • to establish and administer benefit funds or schemes for the benefit of any one or more of the Parties to the Bargaining Council or their members;

  • to develop proposals for submission to NEDLAC or any other appropriate forum on policy and legislation that may affect the industry;
  • to determine by collective agreement the matters which may not be an issue in dispute, for the purpose of a strike or a lock-out at the workplace;
  • to confer on workplace forums additional matters for consultation;
  • to establish an exemption board to consider applications for exemption, to the Bargaining Council;
  • to provide for an Independent Exemption Appeal Board to consider applications for exemption from the Industry’s Collective Agreement, not approved by the Bargaining Council;
  • to consider and deal with any other matters that may affect the interest of the Parties to the Council and/or the Industry.